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The Wedding Experience

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It's Your Day!


Your wedding is a monumental occasion that takes careful planning and thought. It’s common for couples to spend months or even years curating details that make it special and unique. Then, when the big day arrives, it’s over in a flash and you’re left with scattered memories. Well...that's where I come in!


I want to help ensure your story can last a lifetime.  By capturing genuine moments with a modern yet timeless feel, I want you to relive the exhilaration, love, happiness and the full spectrum of emotions from your wedding day each time you look at your pictures. I hope you smile (or start tearing up) each time you look back at your images!

South Texas & Destination Weddings

I'm available to travel in South Texas and beyond for your wedding. Want to get married on a mountaintop in Colorado or on a beach in Cabo? I'm ready to travel! My pricing (reflected here) does not include travel costs; however, I'm willing to work with my clients to partially satisfy my wanderlust! 

How to Reserve your Date

If you are interested in reserving your wedding date, please fill out my Wedding Questionnaire -- I will let you know as soon as I can if I have that date available. I book weddings 12-18 months out and the weekends fill up fast! More importantly, I want to make sure that we are a good fit for each other. Take a look at my body of work on this site and on my blog -- and if you like what you see, that's a great start! We can also schedule a time to meet in person and discuss details, your priorities and expectations for your special day.

What to Expect

I love weddings because they are days filled with happiness, excitement and joy.  That being said, a wedding is an event with a lot of moving parts. Great planning and preparation is essential and will help ease any stress to ensure we can capture your story.

After we reserve your date, I will work with you or any other planners you have for your wedding to help establish a timeline that allows me to cover the most common areas listed below.

Following your wedding day, I work really hard to deliver your photos as quickly as I can. Most clients will receive sneak peek images within 24 hours along with a blog post and several hundred images in a sample gallery within the first week. From there, you will get your full wedding gallery via an online proofing gallery in 2 - 4 weeks. 

A Great Everything!

Whether or not you have hired a wedding planner, I want to help you establish a timeline for your wedding that gives us the best opportunity to capture all of the important moments throughout the day. I am there for 8-10 hours for most weddings and we are constantly moving to get a wide variety of images. Because there are a lot of moving parts, planning is critical!


I have sample timelines that I can share and we can customize them to meet your schedule. For the most part, each wedding is broken up into the six main sections listed below.


Details & Location Shots

Organization is key!

Details shots are wonderful for wedding albums and bring together the vision and unique details of your special day. Timing and organization helps tremendously. For example, we want time to photograph the entire reception space decorated with the cake before anyone is in the room. For the best results, make a details box that you can bring that includes things like your jewelry, stationery, rings, garters, veil, perfume, etc.


Getting Ready

Timing and Location

We generally only need one to two hours to properly capture the getting ready images. Ideally, we set this time aside from the details/location shots. If you are planning on any first looks or groups shots, we also will need to scope out the best locations for these to take place ahead of time.



Indoors, outdoors, time of day?

We want to be respectful and not intrusive during your ceremony so proper planning is needed to maneuver through the isles and capture different angles. It's also important to know if there are any restrictions (churches sometimes have them) or how the light falls on outdoor locations at the time of the ceremony. Lighting considerations are always important! For example, are we expecting hard sun, shade or do we need to bring in light stands for better light?


Family Formals & Wedding Party

Lists are Crucial

If you can take some of your groups shots before the ceremony, that is ideal! If not, we want to get any lists together before the wedding so that we can easily call out family members to move through this section quickly. Let everyone know that they need to stick around after the ceremony and let them know to be ready. We'll take care of the rest! For planning purposes, it's best to start with big groups/extended family first so that grandparents or aunt/uncles can head to the reception sooner.


Romance Shots

This is your time. Don't short yourself!

Please, please, please reserve time to take photos with the two of you! And, if we can align this time with the sunset, even better! Out of all the photos we take on your wedding day, these are my priority because they are often the images that get passed down from one generation to the next. I want to deliver amazing shots that you can cherish for many, many years to come.


Reception Photos

Ready, set, time to party!

Timing out all of the traditional pieces such as toasts, first dances, cake cutting, etc. is important so we have all of the proper lighting equipment in place. Also, let us know if you have any unique surprises, coordinated dances or special exits planned!

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