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More about me...


Hello! Let me just say that I love taking portraits. My goal is to genuinely capture my subject’s personalities---no matter who I'm photographing. I always try to look at the positive side of life and I like my photographs to exude happiness and have a vibrant nature to them. 

My Favorite Things


First and foremost---my family is everything. I'm blessed to have a wonderful husband, two amazing kids, three dogs, three goats, 15 chickens and a 'judgy' cat! It was documenting our life at home that helped hone my photography style. Generally a homebody, I prefer to be with family as much as possible when I'm not working. We do love a good adventure though and my ultimate goal is to someday travel the world photographing as much of it as possible.


I have completely geeked out on building my arsenal of camera bodies, lenses and lighting equipment. As a self proclaimed (and proud) nerd, I love my gadgets and all things 'techy.' Give me a spreadsheet to organize my plans and I'm a happy girl. I also can't get enough of the educational side of photography and I'm always taking classes or trying to learn something new. Favorite brands...I'm an Apple girl when it comes to phones and computers and I’m a huge fan of Canon for my camera equipment. Magmod has stolen my heart as well.


Random things that bring me joy:

  • Coffee & dark chocolate

  • Riding roller coasters

  • Traveling

  • Camping in our RV

  • Hosting family gatherings

  • Lazy days watching movies or binging Netflix/Hulu with my kiddos

  • Fancy dates and trying amazing red wines with my husband

Professional Experience


My time as a professional photographer started when I became a mom. This gave me an excuse to upgrade my little Canon Powershot to my first DSLR with interchangeable lenses. What started out as a hobby has grown organically through word of mouth and I couldn't be more grateful. I now have a deep love for capturing weddings (which many have told me I'm crazy for). It's hard work, but they are really happy days that I'm honored to be a part of.  I've met the absolute best couples and families through this journey.


Photography is my hobby, my love, my passion and my creative outlet. Professionally, I also have experience with marketing, corporate communications, branding, web design and print production. I think this is a great added bonus as it helps me capture all aspects and angles for my clients. From the small details to the wide-angled shots, I want to give my couples and families a variety of images that really tell the whole story.

My Philosophy on Life

My grandmother taught me early on that you will be much happier in life if you stop worrying about the things you cannot control and do your best with what you are given. This simple statement has shaped me in so many ways professionally and personally. One of the reasons I fell in love with wedding photography was that even though they are usually chaotic events, there is so much beauty in just being there in the moment.  I want to create a calm environment for you on your wedding day and I promise that I will do my absolute best to get amazing portraits no matter what happens (rain, snow, missing flowers, late arrivals or anything else we cannot control).

Another saying that I can whole-heartedly relate to is, "do what you love and happiness will follow." I'm a photographer because I LOVE it. I will always give each moment 110% because I want you to have images that I am truly proud of. I'm truly grateful for each couple that comes my way, but I do have to limit the number of weddings each year to promote the healthiest balance for myself and my family. I pray that I find the right couples and that the right couples find me. And, so far, I've been blessed!


Ideally, I'm searching for couples who love to have fun and like my photography style. For this reason, I don't compete for business. There are so many wonderful photographers that live in my area and I think it's more important to find the right couples to suit each photographer. I'm a member of (and very thankful for) an organization called the Rising Tide society that promotes community over competition. If I'm booked on your wedding day, please let me recommend a few other creatives in my area. Just ask!

Photographs are immensely powerful because they have the ability to freeze time. We can revisit them whenever we want to soak up each little detail and they help transport us back to that moment.  I'm so insanely grateful that couples trust me to capture one of the most important days in their lives. I do what I love and I love what I do! It's a true blessing! 


How to Contact Me


The best way to contact me is by email or via phone/text at 210.323.7049. I will respond as soon as possible---due to a busy schedule, it may take me a day or two to get back with you. I try my best to balance it all! If you have an urgent request, please give me a call.

To request your wedding date, you can also fill out my request for here >> Complete the form

For portrait sessions, please note that I only schedule these on weeknights unless you are a couple needing engagements, bridals or anniversary pictures. All other weekends are divided up between my weddings and time with my family.  

Contact Me
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